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Telling stories of the innovators and pioneers creating businesses in hemp in the U.S.


April 24th, 2020

Henry Valles is a real estate agent in one of the nation's hottest markets; Austin, Texas.  He represents a wave of entry into the industrial hemp industry of professionals from outside the typical hemp and cannabis enthusiast.  

Henry shares with us his journey into industrial hemp, beginning with his founding of the Texas chapter of the Hemp Industries Association.  Through this experience, he became passionate about building with hemp and helped to found the US Hemp Building Association, a new organization for the furthering of hemp building materials and hemp building advocacy here in the United States.  

Valles is leading the charge for the USHBA's regional leadership program, due to roll out early next month with a digital webinar to introduce the program and the area leaders in your area.  They will also have a pair of guest speakers from the Parsons Healthy Materials Lab, Jonsara Ruth and Allison Mears, to present their case for Healthy Building materials like hemp.



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