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Episode 043 Ben Davies - Wildfox Farm & Wildfox Provisions

December 9th, 2019

There is a growing push towards farming under regenerative organic principles, and it's becoming more important in the hemp space especially for products that are to be consumed.  Our guest, Ben Davies of Wildfox Provisions has been dedicated to farming organically for many years and has already grown hemp for the last two years.  His line of premium products range from tinctures and flower to hemp tea. They are available now and if you happen to be in Philadelphia stop by the Christmas market.  He's there.  

We learn more about his 2019 growing season, some new products and why it's important to understand your local supply chain and market if you want to be a successful hemp farmer and producer. And as always like, share and subscribe to the Hemp Entrepreneur Podcast.  We are your weekly dose of hemp industry enlightenment.


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