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Episode 034 Anthony Sullivan & Dave Christian - MontKush

October 3rd, 2019

This week we have a conversation with Anthony Sullivan and Dave Christian of MontKush in Vermont.  Both Anthony's name and his story should be familiar, "Hi, Anthony Sullivan here for Oxyclean,".  Yes, the Oxiclean guy is a hemp farmer along with his lifelong friend and fellow farmer Dave.

Anthony and Dave are a not-so-odd couple that teamed up first for a televised extreme race in the early 2000's.  Since then, Anthony's daughter had begun to suffer from daily seizures so severe that doctors prescribed a notorious and powerful sedative for which the side effects were often as devastating as the seizures.  If this story sounds familiar, it is because of the countless children across the nation who have been suffering from daily seizures and found miraculous relief from CBD.

These stories were powerful enough to sway the tide of public opinion in favor of rescheduling industrial hemp away from its psychoactive cousin.  It was a revelation powerful enough to convince Anthony that, if ever there were a product deserving of elevation via his skillset, that high CBD hemp was that product.  

Tune in to hear about Anthony and Dave's experience on their farm as new farmers in a small community where local self reliance is a necessity and not a luxury.  Please continue to like, share and subscribe to the Hemp Entrepreneur Podcast. We look forward to bringing you more inspiration and motivation from guests like this, and ask that you continue to let us know who is making a splash in the industrial hemp space.



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