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Episode 024 iHemp Revolution Podcast - ‘Coach’ Freddie Cecchini

July 22nd, 2019

Occasionally you come across a person whose spirit and vitality inspire you to become a better person.  As this week’s guest can often be heard saying, his mission is to, "...inspire people to do things that inspire them."  Coach Freddie Cecchini of the iHemp Revolution Podcast stopped by for a few days this week to interview us and see the Hemp House On Wheels, so we took the opportunity to do the same.

Coach Freddie is a larger than life industrial hemp advocate who began an industrial hemp podcast back in 2014 on the heels of the last Obama Farm Bill.  He recognized that the door had been opened and signed on to follow the presidential campaign trail in 2015 with a few others in order to advocate on behalf of industrial hemp.  This journey led Coach to meet many of the players in the industry and provided him with a wealth of content for his show and a broad network of friends across the country.

Since then, Coach Freddie has been traveling the country eight months out of the year in his 1960's Austin Healy on the iHemp Revolution Roadshow.  He promotes the brand of industrial hemp diligently and without pause, whether he’s pumping gas or jamming out on his frottoir! He is also a small business coach (hence the nickname) who promotes mission driven businesses focused on a triple bottom line; planet, people and profit.

Please feel free to share your Coach Freddie stories with us on social media or via email at so we can share them!  Please include your name and what platform you listen the the Hemp Entrepreneur Podcast on most! 


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