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Episode 017 Prima - Christopher Gavigan

June 5th, 2019

Christopher Gavigan, Chief Purpose Officer for the Honest Company and founder of Prima, a new consumer CBD brand, is our guest this week on the Hemp Entrepreneur Podcast.  Gavigan is yet another example of a successful entrepreneur who identified an opportunity in industrial hemp who acted quickly to stake their claim.

Despite having quite a recognizable spokeswoman and founder in Jessica Alba, the Honest Company brand has ascended to global recognition on its transparency and commitment to producing only the highest quality products.  Christopher Gavigan identified a lack of transparency and honesty in industrial hemps most recognizable market, CBD. In order to establish his latest brand, Prima, Gavigan began by researching and cooperating with educational institutions, physicians and scientists in the field to better understand the compound and it's as of yet unverified benefits to human health and wellness.  

Prima now stands apart among a select few CBD brands in its commitment to providing a better CBD product and the education for consumers to be able to easily identify a quality brand from a cash grab.  Listen in to hear about Gavigan's unwavering determination to take the standard of quality he helped to establish in the Honest Company brand and apply it to the burgeoning CBD market.

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