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Episode 014 Hemp Local Supply Chain Coalition - Judy Wicks

May 12th, 2019

Judy Wicks, a celebrated farm to table pioneer and localist is our guest this week on the Hemp Entrepreneur Podcast.  Co-founder of the Free People's Store (now Urban Outfitters) in Philadelphia in the early 1970's, Wicks ran with an idea that was unheard of then and remains uncommon now; the idea that a business should have a place within a community that superseded the drive for high profits at any expense. Her entrepreneurial journey in Philadelphia was just beginning, however this idea of community and local self-reliance would remain a common thread in all of her endeavors.

Years later, Wicks opened the White Dog Cafe in West Philadelphia with just a few ingredients and grew to be known as the mother of the local food movement in the area by doing something her competitors would never have dared; she openly shared her sources for the local produce that comprised her menu.  What she came to believe in was the idea that it was not enough for her one business to focus on supporting the local economy, but that it would require all local restaurants to shed their national and international suppliers to really support and grow the local farm base.

Years of community and political activism proved to temper Wicks' commitment to identify and combat the forces that are destroying our environment.  Proud Pennsylvania is an initiative spearheaded by Judy to encourage a healing bond between those in urban and rural communities, and to ensure that underrepresented communities find inclusion in the modern local economy.  As part of this initiative, Wicks formed the Hemp Local Supply Chain Coalition due to the overwhelming promise that industrial hemp holds for solving some of our toughest environmental challenges.

Give a listen to hear about Judy Wick's amazing entrepreneurial journey up to this point and what she hopes to continue to achieve via the opportunities available to local communities by the green wave!  We are your weekly source for hemp industry enlightenment and we continue to look forward to hearing from you or anyone you know who is making a splash in industrial hemp! Thanks for listening and please don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.


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