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Episode 012 Jefferson University - Dr. Ron Kander

April 28th, 2019

"I've told my students there are only four ways to compete in a new product; either the new product has to perform better than the old product, the new product has to have a lower cost than the old product, the new product has to be more sustainable than the old product, or the new product has to have a stronger marketing position than the old product."

Dr. Ron Kander, Dean of the Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce, and Associate Provost for Applied Research at Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA is our guest this week on the Hemp Entrepreneur Podcast.  Dr. Kander is a material scientist who studied at Carnegie Mellon University and University of Delaware and also worked at DuPont as a materials engineer. Students at the Kanbar College at Jefferson University have been studying the potential and the supply chain economics of bringing applications to market that  make use of the industrial hemp’s most under-utilized and plentiful component, the hemp hurd.

Hemp hurd, or shiv, is the inner woody core of the hemp stalk and comprises approximately 85% of the plant.  As more products are developed that make use of the hurd, the cost of producing the other products will be offset by the revenue generated by the hurd and the market will begin to expand rapidly.  Dr. Kander and his team are researching applications that require a lower volume of the hurd in order to fit the size and pace of the market as it currently stands.

These low volume, high value applications are developed by the University, however through Dr. Kanders office, the opportunity to license and build upon their patented innovations is available to entrepreneurs.  Jefferson has set out to be a source for education, unbiased information and partnership in the industrial hemp industry. Their programs are unique and the interest level from students and potential employers is high.  

Tune in to hear why Dr. Kander calls the industrial hemp industry the next gold rush and how we all need to think holistically about the industry from farm to product.  Please don't forget to like, share and subscribe to the Hemp Entrepreneur Podcast! We are your weekly source for hemp industry enlightenment and we look forward to hearing from entrepreneurs who were inspired by what they have heard.


Dr. Ronald G. Kander, PhD
Dean, Kanbar College of Design, Engineering & Commerce
Associate Provost for Applied Research

Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University)
East Falls Campus
302A Lawrence N. Fields DEC Center
4201 Henry Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144

T 215-951-0252
C 540-435-1447

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