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Episode 005 LimeWorks with Chris Hertz

March 10th, 2019

This week’s guest is perhaps one of the most knowledgeable American resources for those interested in building with hempcrete; Chris Hertz of LimeWorks in Telford, PA.  Chris is a trained geologist who worked as a mason in the Bucks County area of Pennsylvania before taking up a position at LimeWorks. One of his first tasks was to re-examine and improve upon the formulation of an obscure product line at LimeWorks, their platinum hempcrete binder.  Although Chris knew very little about hempcrete, this task sparked what has become a burning passion for the material and its application.

Chris Hertz is a veritable authority on hempcrete installation and the science behind the key ingredient; the lime based binder.  We have a lengthy discussion with Chris that covers how and why lime-based cements are less carbon positive than the typical portland cement used in modern construction, and how hempcrete can actually be considered carbon negative once installed.  Cameron, Drew, and Chris also touch upon what the limitations of the material are and why it is important to specify a binder that contains no portland cement. LimeWorks’s platinum hempcrete binder also stands apart from those commercially available in Europe in that it is completely sourced from within the state of Pennsylvania, meaning that its application on your project makes your hempcrete even more carbon negative and sustainable.  

Chris Hertz is an accessible, down to earth, and highly knowledgeable resource for anyone who has heard of hempcrete but doesn’t quite understand its limitations.  This episode kicks off a series of episodes geared towards building with hempcrete and the players in the industry. As always, please like, share and subscribe to the original Hemp Entrepreneur Podcast, and send us an email with suggestions for entrepreneurs that you know who are making waves in the industrial hemp industry!


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