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Episode 003 Rowland Greenfields with Stephen Rowland

February 25th, 2019

How many times have you heard some wild statement about industrial hemp and its potential to save the planet?  Have you ever wondered how, and most importantly when, these innovations will arrive? Stephen Rowland of Rowland Greenfields decided he was tired of waiting and hoping that the focus of the industry would change, so he found what he believes to be the most impactful way to devote his knowledge and skills to saving our planet from.

Stephens background as a chemical engineer prepared him to absorb as much information as possible and to draw the connections that need exploration in industrial hemp fiber production.  However, he chose not to put his training, research and intelligence to work for monetary benefit. He chose, instead, to share as much as he could with as many people as possible with the best interests of humanity as his motivation.  Stephen’s consultation practice is the go to source for information and contacts in the industrial hemp industry for fiber producers.

Rowland Greenfields is focused on education and forming connections within the industrial hemp industry that will facilitate the research and innovation necessary to make real strides in sustainability and the reduction of our dependency on fossil fuels.  Drew and Cameron discuss industrial hemp fiber production, from seed to processing, with Stephen in an attempt to shift the focus of potential entrepreneurs looking to enter the space away from the allure of quick money, and on to the potential to change the way we live for the better.




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