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Episode 002 NY Hemp Oil with Allan Gandelman

February 18th, 2019

On this week’s episode we have a conversation with Allan Gandelman of New York Hemp Oil about growing industrial hemp for CBD.  Allan’s journey to industrial hemp began with a love and curiosity for organic farming curated during his time as a high school social studies teacher in the New York public school system.  He observed nutritional deficiencies in what his students were being served for lunch that were difficult for him to ignore.

Allan decided that he could have a greater impact as an organic vegetable farmer and has built a successful business doing so.  Main Street Farms began on a single acre and is now pumping out high quality, organic produce from forty-five acres of open field and an acre of covered greenhouse space, year round!  

The success of Main Street Farms, and his considerable talent for business, served as a springboard for Allan into industrial hemp.  The decision to dive into CBD arose from a personal experience, however, that helped Allan focus his strategy and formulate his commitment to producing a high quality, organic, full spectrum CBD oil.

Drew and Cameron discuss in depth with Allan what his operation looks like and how it is structured, as well as who is buying his products and the future of industrial hemp.  Please be sure to like, share, and subscribe to The Hemp Entrepreneur Podcast for more inspirational and insightful hemp conversations like this!

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